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Date Changes
2019-05-17 Add payment request guides in English and in French, update Capture a payment examples.
2019-04-23 Add deferred payment creation and capture.
2019-04-16 Add new fields into payment resource and its creation: hosted_payment.sent_by, description, customer.language, customer.phone_number.
2019-02-06 Add installment_plan resource, delete card endpoint.
2018-04-06 Add Update a payment informations, update of Save a card with new option allow_save_card, add 3-D Secure informations in payplug.js overview and add a changelog.
2017-07-07 Update information about PCI/DSS into the payplug.js part.
2016-12-02 Add Lightbox informations and a new layout organization of this website.
2015-12-22 Add payplug.js informations.
2015-10-27 Add .NET examples and Save a card informations.
2015-09-30 Add Python examples.
2015-09-16 Add Abort a payment informations.
2015-08-04 Initial release.